The Once

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Track listing:
1. Intro
2. Around Again
3. Cradle Hill
4. Jack The Sailor
+ bonus video

Newfoundland’s, The Once bring a sound that is familiar and traditional yet absolutely fresh.This trio came into our hotel room, back in February at Folk Alliance, rather inconspicuously. They laid their instruments down, cracked a little wise and with no more than a nod began to breeze through these three beautiful, heartwarming songs. The band’s simple instrumentation allows for the impeccably clear vocals of Geraldine Hollett, as well as the harmonies of Phil Churchill and Andrew Dale, to shine in perfect balance. The beauty of what they do lies in its simplistic perfection.

Combining the unique perspective that permeates the island of Newfoundland and the band’s own musical sensibilities, The Once consistently silence rooms with their pitch perfect vocals and subtle yet strikingly beautiful instrumentation. The result are songs that are illustrative and full of movement. The lyrics and instrumentation in this crystal clarity deliver direct emotive and narrative shots. Not unlike the windy salt air on your skin, while looking into the clear waters of the sea from the shore, their music brings with it this maritime feel, of that place where land and sea meet, always moving, inspiring deep breaths and healthy perspective.


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