Baby Eagle

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Baby Eagle

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Track Listing:
1. Intro
2. Moonshine Brother
3. Memory Forever
4. Brave Women
Steve Lambke has been around the block. From the Constantines to collaborations with Shotgun Jimmie, Julie Doiron, Daniel Romano, John K. Samson (and more) as well as co-running You’ve Changed Records. Baby Eagle is Steve’s collaborative project, bringing together some of Canada’s indie-rock greats to create beautiful songs with a punk sensibility.

Steve has been laying low the past little while but we were lucky enough to have him come by the studio back in April. Unassuming and seemingly shy, Steve came into the studio and wasted no time in setting up his guitar and hmself at the mic. Foregoing any comforts he went into the three songs subtly, quietly and with an obscene amount of humility. From the beautiful stripped down version of ‘Brave Women’ (off of Baby Eagle & The Proud Mothers’ ‘Bone Soldiers’), wherein he evokes a subdued Lou Reed, to a more intimate track like ‘Memory Forever’ where Steve shows off his stimulating songwriting prowess, this session is a taste of Baby Eagle we may not see for a time. Steve told us he doesn’t have anything planned at the moment but fingers crossed he’s just stringing us along. For now, you can listen to the session and check out the You’ve Changed Records Bandcamp for some of Baby Eagle’s previous releases and the amazing records the label has and continues to put out! – Daniel Cooper

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