Paul Jacobs

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Track Listing:
1. Intro
2. Saras Party
3. Coffin Ride
4. Fuck School

Paul Jacobs’ would have been a good session to put out for Halloween. His sound is shrouded in a cloak of spooky reverb drenched vocals and gritty guitar lines, all pulled together by his spectral vocals and screams. One-man-bands are always alluring and Paul is no exception. The ferocity with which he plays and holds a full set together, playing drums and guitar, is astounding.

Paul is a phenomenal visual artist, as well as a musician, from Windsor, Ontario who is building a cult following on his relentless tour schedule and through the dissemination of his visual art in galleries, record shops and everywhere in between. Paul’s visual art and music are synonymous. They compliment each other perfectly. If you feel compelled you can hear and see more of what Paul does on his Tumblr below. I highly recommend it.

Daniel Cooper

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