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Track Listing:
1. Intro
2. Teenanger
3. Singles Don’t $ell
4. Surveillance

From the very first thrashy hook Teenanger will sweep you up in their brand of snotty punk rock. Theirs is a very real approximation of what punk was and is, it’s insolent, abrasive and powerful. From the consistently tight rhythm section to the circular guitar screeches Teenanger tow the line between being catchy as hell and noisey, throwing it all together to create some of the best punk rock coming out of Canada at the moment.

Their songs are drenched in angsty semi-socio-political commentary with a load of arrogant apathy mixed in for fun. From the title track off their latest record ‘Singles Don’t $ell’, which is pretty self explanatory, to ‘Teenanger’ which rips into their home-base of Toronto pretty hard, and on our version you can hear some jabs at Rob Ford.

I first saw this band playing a guerrilla gig on an abandoned bridge in the Don Valley (part of the now defunct Extermination Night series), all powered by generators and lit by seizure inducing strobe lights while a group crowded around jostling each other and getting as rowdy as the environment would allow (and one guy got inebriated off hand sanitizer). Teenanger continue to be this band, playing energetic, raucous live shows all over North America, they haven’t stopped playing the dingy bars and alternative venues but have also moved up to be playing alongside the likes of Ty Segall. We’re happy to bring you this session and if you’re in Southern Ontario we recommend you check out their upcoming mini-tour with Odonis Odonis and Soupcans later this month.

Daniel Cooper

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