Khari McClelland has got real, genuine soul. It’s obvious from the minute he opens his mouth to sing or just have a laugh. His joie de vivre is infectious and exhilarating. He channels a raw spirituality that is more terrestrial than heavenly, it’s human and very real. This isn’t present better anywhere than in Khari’s music.

Khari came into the studio alongside Samantha Martin, Stacie Tabb and Sherie Marshall to lay down some of his uniquely beautiful gospel-influenced tracks. We were lucky enough to have these amazing musicians in one room to collaborate so effectively on these sessions. The results are enchanting and delightful.

The emotional response from such visceral songwriting combined with the sparse, almost minimalist, instrumentation tied together by their combined vocal prowess is stunning. Sometimes when you get the right artists in a room together you can make something magical and we feel that this may have happened. You can make your mind up for yourself by listening to the two tracks below. keep an eye out for more collaborations between these artists in the future, we sure will be.