Feuerstack’s rhythmic tunes are completely consuming. His voice and style captivate one into thinking – no, believing – wholly in what he is singing. There is something undefinably charismatic about Feuerstack’s music. He, and his songwriting, are so relatable while constructing these beauteous pieces of art, rooted in the human condition. Feuerstack has that relatable voice you want to hear, in his singing and songwriting. He’s the pal you want to help you through hard times, he’s the voice you want to hear when you’re making a hard decision and the the person you want beside you when you’re taking that first, integral step. Feuerstack has played on some of the most fantastic independent Canadian records in the last ten years. He’s put himself out there and has made amazing music. He has been a part of some incredible and, hopefully, important pieces of art. We were lucky enough to enjoy Michael and Tim (Paper Beat Scissors) company when we had them during their duo tour in September, 2013. We were able to get them together to play on this and the previous session. They played on each other’s tracks and created a beautiful, creative environment to share their music with us and together. We’re proud to present this session to you and hope you may be able to catch these two together, or separate, at some point in the future.