Tim Crabtree is Paper Beat Scissors. He is an artist. He is understated. He is a surprising musical presence; creating beautiful art, in what appears to be an effortless manner.

I recall when studying the philosophy of art, that my preferred definition of art and beauty involved an elusive quality, something indescribable, that evaded definition, thus art and beauty were defined by evading definition. Writing this editorial is challenging, trying to capture in words the art of Paper Beat Scissors music is evasive.

The studio visit from Tim Crabtree had an effortless and light feel to it. Michael Feuerstack and Paper Beat Scissors came into the studio together. They were prepared to play on each others songs, they were at ease and generous of spirit. It felt like a comfy Sunday afternoon (which it may have been).

A transplant to the East Coast of Canada by way of Burnley, England, Tim has become an incredible addition to the landscape of Canadian songwriters. His minimal yet stunning guitar playing is accompanied by Michael Feuerstack on pedal steel on this session. You can hear the hints and nods to Elliot Smith, an obvious influence on Crabtree’s song writing and style.

Not only is this session a combo of Paper Beat Scissors and Michael Feuerstack, it also includes a version of a yet unreleased The Weather Station song. So think of this one as a gift. A beautiful piece of art, wrapped in brown craft paper, enjoy the unwrapping of it – listen to the session and we think you’ll agree that there is a sense of wonder and gratitude that it evokes. Share it generously.