Vancouver based The Matinee rolled into the studio on a lovely summer afternoon. The band were laid back, professional and into it. At the time we didn’t know they’d be our50th session posted, but I for one am pleased to mark this milestone with their music. The Matinee’s music is simply really good, roots-based, rock and roll. Play this session through really good speakers or excellent headphones and I dare you not to dance! The five band members ooze contentment and a relaxed state and this translates to their music as well. Its comprehensive. Remember – Pinball Sessions are almost always one take, live off the floor. Granted, Dan Beeson sets things up based on his extensive experience to get the best possible sounds. Once recorded, small adjustments are made – but what you hear is what happened live in the studio in the 3 – 4 minutes that it was recorded.
The Matinee recorded three tracks. Young and Lazy sounds like the song of a generation, but possibly one that graduated high school in the 80′s. That is said in no way as a negative – if Young and Lazy was out in 1983 it probably would have rivalled Tom Petty for some radio play. Lofty statement I know, but the song rings original, familiar, classic.On Our Own – a beautiful ballad that sounds of an instant classic includes; delightful harmonies, sparse and tasteful instrumentation, a lovely piano solo and good solid writing. December Slumber is a lazier, pedal steel driven track, full of vivid imagery, it has soundtrack written all over it. Try to get to one of their live shows.