Devon Sproule

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Devon Sproule
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Track Listing:
1. Intro
2. Say It Again
3. Make It Safe
4. Opposite Muse

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Devon Sproule is a master songwriter. Her impeccable, evocative lyricism is the first thing that stands out when you hear her stunning voice. I was first introduced to Devon through Michael Feuerstack’s latest album ‘Singer/Songer’ (off of which he recorded some songs for us this past April), where she sings ‘Out Of Season’, and was immediately taken by her simple, haunting and understated vocal style. We were lucky enough to have her in the studio back in June when she and Trembling Bells (whose session is still in the can) came through Guelph.

This session contains some cuts off of Sproule’s upcoming collaborative album with Mike O’Neill, as well as some unreleased material. Sproule has just finished an extensive North American and UK tour but has a few more dates booked for 2014, and we’re sure more will pop up, so take a look at the links below as we highly recommend catching her when you can!

Daniel Cooper

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