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Track Listing:
1. Intro
2. Black Lagoon
3. Unknown Pleasures
4. Lovingly

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Walking out of a honky tonk onto a Californian beach is where you’ll find Invasions. Their sound is equally suited as a soundtrack for heavy whiskey drinking in dark bars and/or a xanax fuelled beach party. Their mix of Outlaw Country, Garage Rock and Surf results in a sultry, infectious concoction of twangy and smooth guitar riffs, sparse but affecting horn lines and a solid rhythm section holding it all together. Alex Zen’s understated drawl, with the occasional intrepid yelp, keeping up the aforementioned xanax’d composure of most of the songs.

This Toronto-based quintet have been hard at work, releasing 2 albums and an EP in the last year and a half, making a place for themselves in the local scene. We had them into the studio before their show in Guelph a ways back and were immediately taken by them. They played a few enthusiastic rounds of pinball (Joking about naming ‘Black Lagoon’ after their favourite machine in the house Creature From the Black Lagoon) and then they turned on the studio with fervour. The members are all active participants in the hypnotic production that makes Invasions enigmatically endearing on stage and on record. The first two tracks in the session are off their latest effort, the 3 song EP entitled No Darkness, while the last comes from their previous self titled full length album.

Daniel Cooper


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