The Vaudevillian

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The Vaudevillian
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Track Listing:
1. Intro
2. Hwy 21
3. Bringing Satan Down To The Ground
4. That’s All I Do

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The duo of Brendan J. Stephens and Willow Walker, under the moniker of The Vaudevillian, bring together Folk-Punk-billy (exemplified by bands like Casa De Chihuahua) and old time, up tempo ragtime blues (see Pokey Lafarge and The Deslondes) into the fold of their hitchhiking, backpacking, road waring lifestyle. Their repertoire includes originals, written and sung with a devil’s tongue, and spattered with traditional folk and blues tunes twisted to suit this enigmatic duo. The duo can be found busking through their touring schedule and hitching from side to side of the country, telling stories of their adventures and getting back to the basics of folk and roots with a punk rock attitude attached to everything they do. FFO: drinking and dancing till the sun comes up.

Daniel Cooper


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